An introduction to Johann Hari's "The Next Crash Will Be Ecological - and Nature Doesn't Do Bailouts," and his article on why it's been so difficult to curb climate change, and the consequences of not doing so. Read the rest of this entry »
Tom Atlee, in a letter to "a community organizer and networker who is overwhelmed by the potential impact of global crises on his community," offers his own reflections on some of the traps we get ourselves into in doing work for the benefit of the world, and how to transcend those traps with wisdom and courage. Read the rest of this entry »
In "The Sincerest Form of Reverence," John Michael Greer places organic gardening in the context of the currently disintegrating state of the world. He points out the relevance of comprehending the current challenges from the deep-time perspective of evolution, which he brings down to Earth by discussing how "green wizards" can coevolve their organic gardens by imitating Nature. Read the rest of this entry »